Introducing the only wearable cardiac monitor with built-in cellular technology that allows for seamless monitoring without the need for an additional communication device.


Sleek, 1-Piece Design

One-piece, water resistant design remains discreetly and securely in place during extended wear.

Flexible Practice Integration

Complete end-to-end continuous cardiac monitoring solution includes flexible billing and service model options for seamless practice integration.

3-in-1 Continuous Monitoring

First-ever wearable, 3-in-1 device with built-in 4G cellular technology ensures continuous connection without the need for multiple, heavy devices.

Simple to Manage

Easily manage patients through the dedicated clinician portal, RhythmStar mobile app, customizable alerts and automated reporting.

Full Picture. Full Control.

  • Full disclosure of beat-by-beat patient data
  • Symptomatic events immediately reviewed
  • Connect live with HeartTime™ on-demand telemetry mode
  • Customized reporting and alerts

RhythmStar is available in both new wearable and classic wired designs.

Features Wearable Wired
1 piece design YES YES
Water resistant YES
Live Telemetry Mode YES
100% Heartbeat Validation YES YES
Monitoring Modes 3 in 1 3 in 1
4G Cellular Connection YES YES
24/7/365 Support YES YES
Channels 1 2
Symptom Record 2 tap touch Via touch screen

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