ACT Clarus 40M

The ACT Clarus 40M is an accurate, reliable and user-friendly ambulatory electrocardiograph recorder for your Event and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) needs. It is capable of recording 3 channels of patient ECG data using 3 surface electrodes and can last up to 4 days on a single charge. It can store 30 days of data and comes with a wear as you charge cable. Its compact design is discreet and comfortable to wear, and its color touch screen allows the patient to easily record their symptoms when marking an event.


No Secondary Device!

Unlike other products on the market, the ACT Clarus has built in cell technology which eliminates the patient from having to carry any additional cell device or “communicator”. This is one less thing for patients to worry about and care for during their study.

Hookup Confirmation

Multi-channel signal quality shown on color display screen during patient hookup which allows you to confirm proper connection of electrodes (site placement) and also view EKG signal prior to start.

Digital Patient Event Diary

Event diary drop down menu on LCD screen when patient needs to mark an event detected. Drop down is preloaded with 10 of the most common symptoms associated with arrhythmias.

Supply Stock

ACT supplies you with as many recorders as you need (office hook up) and provides weekly shipments of re-stock. Home hook-up option arrives to the patient 2-3 days after completion of enrollment.

Set up as easy as 1-2-3!

Peace of mind for staff and patients when hooking up at home or in the office setting. Just turn the device on, plug in the cables and hit start and it is recording. No pairing or linking a secondary device to the unit, which often time leads to lengthy time consumption and frustration on the users end. Secondary devices will also buzz, beep and vibrate constantly when secondary device loses connection or is out of range from monitor causing discomfort and also patient dissatisfaction.

Easy Return/Dual Post

ACT Event/MCT product comes with prepaid label attached on the bottom for easy return of equipment at study end. Dual post allows patient to utilize regular mail (USPS) or FedEx for the return of their monitor and supplies. Home pick up or using drop off is up to the patient’s preference.

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