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Leading the Advancement of Cardiovascular Remote Monitoring

The healthcare industry is at a critical juncture, where every effort is being made to increase the effectiveness of care, while decreasing the financial burden on our system. At APS, we fuel the advancement of mobile health services by providing highly advanced services that help healthcare providers monitor and diagnose patients in a more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective manner.

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Our revolutionary technology, monitoring team, and partners allow for faster turnaround times with more accurate data to enhance patient care and clinical processes.

  • Holter Monitoring

  • Event Monitoring

  • MCT Monitoring



Our APS staff takes the day-to-day burden of remote monitoring off your device team, so they can focus on patient care and APS will focuse on patient compliance.

  • Pacemaker Remote Monitoring

  • ICD Remote Monitoring

  • ILR-ICM Remote Monitoring

  • Pacemaker TTM Monitoring


“APS has been very attentive to our clinics needs. They’ve helped develop our clinic, create more efficient workflows, and allow use to focus on patients in-clinic. This has allowed for us to better manage our patients comprehensive care.”

Kim Shapiro, EP Device Nurse

“APS representative DJ has been invaluable in the way we are able to place their holter monitor devices on our patients and has helped guide us with his expert knowledge and patience with all our staff. The staff at APS is exceptional and we like their abilities to put out a great report in an extremely timely manner.”

Julie Albaugh, Special Procedures Support

“Before APS, we were spending 10-15 hours a week overtime to manage our device patients. Since we started with APS’s Device Management solution I can now sleep well at night knowing are patients are receiving the care they deserve and our device staff has more time to focus on patients in clinic.”

Leslie Bollinger, Device Technician

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