The value of remote monitoring has been proven in multiple independent studies like CONNECT, PREFER, EVOLVO, or ALTITUDE to name a few. With so many successful stories around remote Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) monitoring and the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) embracing the technology making remote monitoring the New Standard of Care. Physicians have also embraced the technology with more implants and transitioning patient care to a remote monitoring method.

That’s where this story begins, with a steep increase over the past five years in CIED patients and remotely monitored CIED patients, clinics tend to forget who manages the day-to-day data and the increase they’ve seen with little to no change in clinic procedures. These nurses can get overwhelmed managing the remote data, but still held to the high standard of a busy clinic schedule. In one clinics words, “We have to decide if we want to focus on patient care or become a monitoring center”. This becomes even more difficult with tight budgets and an already understaffed clinic.

That’s where the APS Device Management service comes in. Our Device Management service allows for a clinic to be back in control and focus on what matters most, patient care. How? By having a certified team dedicated to the day-to-day management of remotely monitored CIED patients, it gives your clinic the time you need to still see patients in clinic, but also efficiently manage the remotely monitored data. This ensures your patients are receiving the highest level of care, while streamlining your day-to-day workflow. In one client’s words, “I can now rest easy at night knowing our patients are getting individual attention, but keeping the highest standard of care”. That is our APS Difference.

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